Town Planning

Preparation of Statutory Development Plans

The Corporation assists Local Authorities and Private entities in the preparation of master plans, local plans, layout plans, subject plans etc.  These development plans are prepared in order to manage and coordinate development within an area and the immediate environs in view of the emerging development needs as guided by the Regional Town and Country Planning Act [Chapter 29:12].

Subdivision and Consolidation

The Corporation offers professional consultancy services in the process of subdivision of land/properties for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional. Consolidation on the other involves combining two or more properties into a single property.

Change of Use of Land & Buildings

UDCORP assists in the process of application for a permit for change of use of land and buildings, for example from residential to commercial use.

Town Planning


  • Preparation of master, local and subject plans
  • Preparation of layout plans for residential, commercial and industrial development
  • Subdivision and consolidation of land for various uses
  • Application for change of use of land & buildings
  • Special consent application

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